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When this BBW called Selena stuffs her face, she always gets turned on without a doubt as tasty food has always been her fetish, especially when it’s her favourite food too! Today she has herself some tortilla chips covered with cream cheese that she starts to demolish before having a thick cock shoved inside her tiny pink hole.  To start with, she takes off her clothes to sit in the comfort of her own home with this guy she’s been dating for a couple of weeks and already he’s had her muff riding his boner like no tomorrow as he made her a tasty meal.

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Peaches Larue and her blonde friend Shugar are two gorgeous naturally big chubby babes that are enjoying their weekend being pampered at a spa. When it comes to their meal times, they rush back to the hotel as they both have been a little naughty behind their boyfriends backs with the waiter that brings them the food up to their room. Having a fetish over food, these babes really know how to have a good time as they both order the tastiest food on the menu to get them both worked up as they have the young guy feeding them each piece while they sit naked which usually leads to something more than just having a lunch break.

When Peaches decides to rub his cock with her hands, Shugar soon follows as she unzips his fly to take out his member to give it a good munch with the fruit she has in the basket which has him moaning with joy. A few minutes later, he doesn’t know what has hit him when both of the girls are surrounding his meat giving it a good lick from top to bottom making him groan even louder with joy as they pass it from mouth to mouth.  Watch as these babes have the ride of their life when the cheeky chubsters bend over to let him drill their moist cunts till they both receive a thick layer of cream to go with their strawberries leaving them completely satisfied! Just go to feed her fuck her now to see the full hardcore feast!

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It’s another day with feed her fuck her and another day means another hot horny BBW stuffing their faces before receiving inches of cock in their holes. In this scene are two horny chubsters called Allysa Andrews and Kandi Kobain who take on some cock at the Gym as they would rather stuff their face with donuts whilst having their workout from riding their personal trainer’s juicy boner. When the scene starts, the action doesn’t take long to start as the babes slowly take of their clothes to reveal two gorgeously plump figures before he hand feeding each other the donuts getting them wet with excitement.

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It’s another day at feed her fuck her and another day means another big beautiful babe taking on thick fat cock whilst she enjoys her favourite food. Now this horny chubby bitch called Hayley Jane goes crazy over chocolate and she only needs to smell the stuff to make her wet and want some cock so when her date brings along a box full, she’s soon sucking it off his meaty boner after she smoothers it all over his pink foreskin, which don’t half make him moan.  When their clothes peel away, he decides to cover her large tits with the chocolate to give her a taste of the pleasure he had that causes her pussy to get wet in an instant when he rolls his tongue around her chocolate coated hard nipples making her moan with joy.

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Bailey Santana is a messy BBW who simply loves her food! She’s no dainty shy girl either in fact she’s more of a hands on type of girl that isn’t a fan of cream and chocolate as she would much prefer to have a plate full of greasy chicken rather than a tub of Ben and jerry ice cream. Being very manly and rough handed, she loves her sex in the same way which is to have thick inches of hot meat shoved in her tight plump pussy where it’s thrusted so hard the guy cums all over chubby body.

When this scene starts, watch as Bailey sits eating her Kentucky fried chicken with her chap where they both start to get really horny so she wastes no time taking off her clothes to have her horny boyfriend ram that cock in her greasy mouth making him groan with delight before he takes her off in the bedroom to shove his thick juicy boner between her legs. A few minutes into pounding her pussy, the guy takes hold of a chicken leg to hand feed the plump bitch with it whilst he continues to fuck her wet cunt from behind causing them to groan some more until several minutes later, he gives her a nice hot sticky load of semen to suck on for dessert! If you would like to get in on this hardcore action then go to feed her fuck her now!

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Dawn Davenport is one hot horny BBW that eats food with sex like a religion as she finds there is nothing more erotic than biting into your favourite food whilst getting your desired inches of cock thrusting between your pink pussy lips giving you both pleasures in one. In this scene she shows you exactly how it’s done when her boyfriend buys her a Chinese take away of Fellatio Alfredo to have him eat the noodles one by one off her large breasts before she finds herself fucking his stiff cock.

When the action starts, Dawn begins by having a tease as he horny chap gets the noodles on a fork and holds them under her nose to have a smell before he feeds her noodle by noodle making her want even more. He then drags the soggy pasta down her face an onto her large bouncing breasts before he takes it back off with his mouth making the plump hungry babe get really horny. As the scene pushes on, Dawn soon has her way with the guy when she wraps the noodles around his stiff meaty cock so she has the excuse to wrap her tender lips around it slurping each one off causing him to groan loudly with ecstasy. This babe really does know how to have a good time!

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Feed her fuck her is back, and this time they bring with them this beautiful blonde BBW called Scarlett Rouge that enjoy a thick cock shafting her pink wet pussy whilst she munches on her burgers. After going to the takeaway drive through she and her boyfriend headed back to their house where things started to hotten up as the horny babe tarred through the buns like an animal making her chap go stiff with excitement buy amoxicillin Generic. Imagining her wild mouth around his chunky bell end, her feller soon has the chubby bitch wrapping her lips around his juicy piece of meat making him groan with delight as she licked it from top to bottom.

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Samantha Saunders is one horny big babe that loses control of herself when she’s having a picnic on a sunny day with her date. After eating some sandwiches the guy pulls out some cake icing and cheekily looks over at her breasts that stick out through her titty hugging top so before you know it, her bra is off and those wangers are out with him covering them in the sticky sweet cream that he slowly licks off. Having shivers of pleasure, Samantha starts to groan with ease as his tongue laps around her red ripened nipples before he squirts some over them to slot his cock between those bouncing jugs causing him to moan happily with joy.

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