Chubby brunette babe with all natural large chocolate coated knockers!

Watch Hayley Jane getting Fed then Fucked!

It’s another day at feed her fuck her and another day means another big beautiful babe taking on thick fat cock whilst she enjoys her favourite food. Now this horny chubby bitch called Hayley Jane goes crazy over chocolate and she only needs to smell the stuff to make her wet and want some cock so when her date brings along a box full, she’s soon sucking it off his meaty boner after she smoothers it all over his pink foreskin, which don’t half make him moan.  When their clothes peel away, he decides to cover her large tits with the chocolate to give her a taste of the pleasure he had that causes her pussy to get wet in an instant when he rolls his tongue around her chocolate coated hard nipples making her moan with joy.

A couple of minutes later, he soon gets his thick meaty shaft slotting between those lush pink twat flaps causing his hairy balls to slam against her chubby ass as they both moan with joy before switching position so she’s riding him hard like a an animal making them groan even more with delight. Watch on as he continues to cram every inch of his stiff dick in her dripping wet crack till he gives the chubby bitch a mouth full of hot jizz that she gladly swallows before indulging the rest of her chocolate!

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